The Role of a Champion

The COJ Healthy Schools Lifestyle programme requires competing schools to appoint a teacher who is passionate about kids’ health can enroll to be a champion. Your schools champion will then attend training, free of charge.

The Vitality Healthy Schools Teacher’s Course will help ensure our kids, the future of this country, become healthier. The course focusses on creating healthier school environments as well as showing you how to use the Vitality Schools Programme’s material.

The champion’s role is to complete the following activities:

  • Develop interactive activities
  • Create and develop a track
  • Utilise their resource: equipment, manuals and posters
  • Create and develop a track
  • Teach and demonstrate lessons
  • Reflect on lessons on the track
  • Create and develop teachable moments on body health
  • Attend training sessions at the University of Johannesburg.
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